10 Things to NOT flush down your toilet

Of course the list is endless, we suggest not flushing your roller skates down the toilet and avoid flushing next doors irritating Great Dane, but below are some more sensible and common things that people still put down their toilets. Don’t flush these things down your toilet. If you do you may end up having to call us out to unblock your drains.

Ok lets get started.

1. Grease & Cooking Oil
This is a serious “NO” the grease and oil cools and becomes solid coating the inside of your pipework and drains. it also attracts other particles and solids will stick to the grease narrowing your pipes and before too long you will notice the tell tale signs of a blockage. So no cooking / food fats. Unless you want a nice big fatberg in your pipes.

2 Pets
Yep remember that Great Dane that was barking next door. . . . More common are dead goldfish and hamsters. Please don’t do this as it can cause blockages and let’s face it it’s not a burial fit for a lost loved one. if your children catch you doing this you will forever be scorned.

3 Nappies & Towels
How do you get a nappy down a toilet?  We don’t know but we do find them on occasion. You have to applaud the person who manages to get a full nappy down the toilet without flooding their bathroom. but please don’t try it could be expensive. And when you have run out of toilet paper do not scream at the kids to bring up the kitchen towels. Or if you do, don’t flush them.

4. Condoms
Again hats off ( no pun intended ) to people who manage to flush these little floaty miracles down the toilet. But people do, they are found in abundance in the drains. Please dispose of in the bin.

5. Tampons, Cotton Buds, Cotton Balls
Cotton buds with their little sticks are perfect for catching in the drains, so if you want to block the toilet quickly these are perfect. Tampons also don’t break down and being super absorbent it’s obvious how this might end. Cotton balls again they dont break down quickly and catch on anything ready to stop them flowing by.

6. DIY Waste
No don’t throw old paint, plaster, sand, grit, and definitely not cement. I have a personal story of a builder pouring cement down the sink. . . . uhmmm no prizes how that ended. Grit and anything heavy can settle in the pipes and act as a nice base for others things to grab onto like your cotton balls.

7. Medical waste and syringes.
Needles obviously this isn’t a great idea, dangerous for the environment and anyone trying to unblock your drain. Also it will come as no surprise that expired medicines into the water system and potentially effecting wildlife / marine life.

8. General Food Waste
Yes we know the soup is difficult to get rid of. But many soups actually contain lot of fat / oil, best to use an old milk carton and put in the bin. We all know about sweetcorn right? We will leave it at that. No food down the toilet.

9. Cat Litter
Yes it might smell and seem like something that should go down the toilet along with the cats number two’s but the cat litter is a surefire way to block your pipes quickly. The grit stays in the bottom of your ubend and pipework giving a nice base for other items to grab onto.

10. The neighbours rather irritating Great Dane
I think we have already covered this one. No pets.