3 Common Mistakes that Lead to Blocked Drains in Homes

Although there is a lot of advice online about how to respond – or who to call – in the case of a blocked drain, what exactly are the common mistakes that people make when it comes to taking care of their drains?

3 Common Mistakes that Lead to Blocked Drains in Homes

1) Not Installing a Plug Hole Strainer

A plug-hole strainer over your sinks and showers can make all the difference. This will make sure that only water will be passing down your drain, whilst denying access to any potential larger objects that could get through and cause a blockage.

Specifically, this simple but effective device will stop both food waste and clumps of hair respectively clogging your drains. That said, to ensure that your strainers remain effective, they must be cleaned regularly.

2) Putting Anything and Everything Down the Sink

It is important to note that installing a strainer will not solve all your problems; you will also have to be mindful of what you put down your sink. Cooking oil, grease, and fats are undoubtedly the biggest culprits for blocking your drain with fatbergs. As they build up over time – first coating your pipe and then coagulating – they can very easily clog your kitchen sink drain completely!

A common mistake that people make is washing their pans with water straight after cooking. Many think that cooking grease will be broken down in this process; however, due to its different chemical properties, grease will never dissolve in water. Instead, let any oil and fat residue dry and set, and then scrape it off into the bin.

3) Flushing Wet Wipes and Sanitary Towels Down the Toilet

Toilet drainage systems are more than equipped to cope with human waste and toilet paper, but other things such as baby wipes and sanitary towels are simply not designed to break down in wastewater systems.

Just like cooking grease, such items should be disposed of in a bin to avoid blocked pipes and drains. If you still continue to have problems, you should look into the type of toilet paper you are using. In some rare cases, more luxurious multi-ply sheets can cause drainage problems, especially in older systems.

At First Response Drainage, we encourage you to be proactive about keeping your drains clear and clean. However, if you do need a professional touch to unblock an outside drain, toilet, or sink, do not hesitate to call us on 0800 043 4860.