What causes your drains to smell?

The first sign of trouble with drains is often a bad smell. The drain can even still be flowing freely however there may still be an issue internally that will in time grow into a bigger problem so it is important to locate, identify and deal with the problem quickly, saving you from problems in the near future and costs involved in resolving any damage or blockages.

In bathrooms and kitchens the most common issues are bacteria build up from organic waste that has become trapped in pipework, fats and oils, food that is rotting and of course hair. If the issue is in the early stages filling your kitchen or bathroom sinks with hot water and bleach then letting it run through the pipes can help move / dilute blockages.

Of course go get yourself a sink plunger to help move that water in the pipes to dislodge any stubborn food waste / hair.

Other Causes

If things don’t budge then the problem might be more serious especially if all your drains and toilet start flowing away slowly this might be a sign of problems further down the line. It might even be outside your responsibility or control.

Other causes can be appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Most appliances have settings on them to do a cleaning cycle. You might live in a hard water area where build up of lime scale alongside debris from clothes / dishwashers combine to cause odors and blockages. See your dishwasher and washing machine maintenance manuals for information on how to keep your appliances clean.


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