CCTV Drain Subsidence Surveys

Drain Camera

It is very important to have a drain survey conducted if subsidence has been identified in your property. A thorough complete drain survey will be required checking even the most inaccessible areas of your drainage system. If issues are identified then appropriate action will need to be taken to rectify the problem and cease damage to your property. Subsidence issues are not to be ignored.

Most subsidence is caused by tree roots however on occasion subsidence can be caused by a damaged ( below ground ) drainage system leaking into the surrounding soil. Often it is a combination of a sandy ground type and leaking water gradually eroding beneath or close to the buildings footings. Our CCTV subsidence surveys differ from regular drain CCTV surveys and home buyers surveys. With a subsidence survey we aim to carry out a detailed check on drainage up to 5 metres from your property and even can check soak-ways on request. We often will find cracks or root damage allowing water to freely erode the surrounding ground.

Tell tale signs of Subsidence

Look for cracks growing in size getting wider from the corners of windows and door openings. When looking at a home it is important to keep an eye out for this type of damage however this really is the job of your surveyor. It is worth noting if you buy a property with an advisory of suspected subsidence it will be “very” difficult to get building insurance if you are a home buyer.

We are often hired in by a Chartered Structural Engineers and Loss Adjusters to produce drain survey reports on existing drainage systems but can offer our services directly to individuals.


CCTV Drain Survey

We use the Wincan CCTV System probably the best drain survey system there is. Wincan comes with the ultimate in CCTV pipe inspection reporting software.

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CCTV Survey Process

Upon arrival, in most cases, our engineer will clean the drain using a high pressure water jet prior to carrying out the survey. This is so that the footage captured by the survey is as clear as possible. An average survey on a three bedroom house would take approximately three hours including the initial high pressure jetting. We also offer CCTV surveying on commercial property although more time would be required for this. Our fully trained engineers will be able to talk you through the process prior to their visit should you wish.