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Our fully trained drainage engineers are available to carry out root removals across London and the Home Counties 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Prices start from just £25.80 inc. VAT.

It is easier than you think for a root to infiltrate your drainage system. As warm water flows through your drainage system it can cause steam to escape thorough any small fracture or loose joint in the pipe. Roots from nearby trees and plants will then grow towards this moisture as they are naturally attracted to any source of water. Once they reach the pipe the fine, hair-like tips will infiltrate the pipe through even the smallest imperfection in order to seek out the water and nutrients contained inside.

Once inside they will expand until they eventually fill the space, catching fat, food, toilet paper and other debris as they go. Early warning signs may be a gurgling noise from your toilet bowl or slowly flowing drains. If you suspect that you may require drain root removal please give our friendly advisors a call today on 0800 043 4860 and they can offer you a free, no obligation quote.

Roots in drains

Root Removal

It is always better to resolve any drain root issues sooner rather than later as if left to worsen it can become a very costly problem. If left undisturbed the roots will cause a reduced carrying capacity and eventually a total blockage.

This could lead to a range of problems such as seepage, unpleasant odours and eventual structural collapse of pipe-work. In cases where the pipe has not been structurally damaged, flailing equipment can be used to clear the pipe and a structural liner can be applied to prevent the entry of roots into the system in the future. In cases where structural damage has occurred complete replacement of the pipe will be required. Our fully trained engineers are available to speak to prior to your appointment so that you know what to expect upon their arrival.

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Drainage Surveys

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to maintain the pipes that connect the sewage pipes in the home to the main sewage pipe which is usually in the street. These are known as sewer laterals and homeowners should be aware of their location as well as the location of the sewer clear out pipe. As always, prevention is better than cure so it is best to avoid planting trees any closer than ten feet from sewer lines.

No Call Out Fee

We realise that this is not always possible as the trees or plants may have already been present when you purchased the house. That is why we have expert drainage engineers ready to help you at any stage of your drain root removal problem. There is no call out fee so you will only pay for the time it takes our engineer to resolve the issue and there will be a free of charge CCTV survey once the work has been completed so that you can see the outstanding job that has been done.

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