How to Keep Rats Out of Your Drains

It is very common for rats to enter your domestic or commercial property via your drains. Keeping them out of your drains is key to maintaining the health of any drainage system.

This blog will discuss both what you should do if you suspect your property has already been infiltrated by rats as well as how to prevent rats from getting into your drains in the first place

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Drains

Prevention – Install a Rat Blocker

Installing a rat blocker for drains will stop vermin from entering houses and commercial buildings through drainage systems. Rats can climb up soil pipes and, due to their flexible vertebrae, even around the U-bend of a toilet. This specialist drainage product uses a single flap to allow rats to leave your property but not return.

Importantly, in 95% of cases, rats enter drainage systems via the sewers. Installing a non-return valve with a single flap onto the sewer pipe will stop rats from gaining access to your property through the sewage system.

Make Sure Your Drainage Is Sealed

Rats are more likely to gain entry into your property when your pipes and drains are damaged or broken, thus it is crucial you ensure that your drainage is sealed to protect your home or business. Although it will not directly stop rats from entering your property from the sewer, sealing openings in the pipework between your sewer stack and your home will help stop rats from entering from the sewer itself.

Response – Get a CCTV Drain Survey

Some of the signs that may signify that your property has already been breached by rats include droppings, chewed materials, scratching sounds, and strange odours. If you notice any of these signs persistently, you should get a CCTV drain survey.

A CCTV drain survey is how we identify drainage problems. Our engineer will clean the drain using a high-pressure water jet prior to carrying out the survey so that the footage captured is as clear as possible. They will then feed a small camera down into your pipework and lookout for some of the signs mentioned above (e.g. droppings) that might indicate rats are in your drainage system. This footage will also help us identify an entry point for vermin.

If you suspect that rats are in your drainage system, contact First Response Drainage today on 0800 043 4680. Our team of specialist engineers are on-hand to make sure that your drains stay in top condition.