Areas of Hertfordshire Most Likely to Experience Flooding

Nestled within the lush embrace of Hertfordshire’s picturesque landscapes lies a nuanced hydrological tapestry, where the tranquillity of its rivers and the charm of its villages conceal a potential peril – flooding.

In this exploration, we embark on a journey through specific regions most vulnerable to flooding, unravelling the geographical intricacies that contribute to this watery challenge. Then we explain how you can help to prevent flooding in your area.

To accurately access the flooding risk at your address the UK-Government website allows you to sign up for flood warnings in your area.

The Places Most Likely to Flood in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire's Hydrological Landscape

The sinuous courses of the River Lea and its tributaries, threading through Hertfordshire, present a constant threat during heavy rains. As we explore the local area, the vulnerability of surrounding areas like Hertford, Ware, and Welwyn Garden City becomes apparent. The topographical landscape between elevation and flood risk sets the stage for potential inundation in these regions.

Urban Centres Prone to Flooding


The town of Stevenage is possibly the most vulnerable town in Hertfordshire to flooding. In particular, the junction between, London Road, Stevenage Road and Hertford Road near Broadwater experiences regular flooding. Old Mill Road and the junction between Shephall Way and Hydean Way are liable to flooding. Part of the issue is that Stevenage does not have a clear runoff stream or river to take water away from the town with the River Beane being the closest source of natural running water.

St Albans

St Albans, with its rich history and medieval charm, has not escaped the watery embrace of flooding. The Ver and its tributaries, including the River Colne, have orchestrated historical flood incidents in areas such as Cottonmill and Sopwell. In particular, the area around Jersey Farm is susceptible to flooding, for similar reasons to Stevenage.


Watford, a bustling urban hub, is intricately connected to the River Gade and Cassiobury Park. These water elements, while adding to the aesthetic appeal, pose a risk to areas like West Watford and Oxhey. The vulnerability extends to the town's infrastructure, with areas along the A4006 and A4125 requiring diligent attention to manage the impact of potential floods.

Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead, nestled along the River Bulbourne, presents pockets of vulnerability prone to flooding. Bennetts End is one of the least impacted areas as flooding is spread relatively evenly throughout the town. 

Villages at Risk


The picturesque village of Redbourn, surrounded by rivers and streams, unveils its vulnerability to flooding. Specific areas like Lybury Lane and the High Street witness regular flooding events. 

Other Villages Impacted by Flooding

It would be difficult to expand on all the villages impacted by flooding in Hertfordshire, so here is a list of villages particularly affected:

  • Bovingdon
  • Brickenden
  • Datchworth
  • Little Hadham
  • Little Wymondley
  • Watton at Stone
  • Whitwell

Roads Susceptible to Flooding

M25 and M1

The major arteries of M25 and M1 are critical for regional connectivity throughout Hertfordshire. Luckily, both motorways are unlikely to experience severe flooding. Drivers do need to be aware of dangerous surface water and low visibility whilst travelling at speed but in terms of impassible flooded areas, only extreme weather will close the M25 or M1 in Hertfordshire.

A414 and A10

The regional roadways of A414 and A10 crisscrossing Hertfordshire can be liable to flooding incidents. Areas along the A414, predominantly around Hatfield and Hertford, require awareness from drivers and commuters at times of heavy rain. The A10 is mostly clear of flooding in Hertfordshire, however, around Cheshunt and Royston it has been known to flood.

Prevent Flooding in Hertfordshire

If your area floods then the best thing to do is to prevent flooding by improving your drainage. Although much of flooding prevention needs to be carried out by your water supplier or the council you can help improve your drainage in various ways.

Regular maintenance of your drains and unblocking drains where possible is an important preventative measure. At First Response Drainage we can investigate any regular flooding with our CCTV drain survey, and then if there is any blockage we can remove it. 

If you are at all concerned about your drainage in Hertfordshire then call us now.

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