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What homeowners should know about sewer line problems.
Almost all property owners understand that sewer lines transport wastewater from the home to underground sewer mains. However, few give the piping much thought until blockages occur. Here, we review some common symptoms of blocked sewers, as well as how best to go about sewer cleaning or unblocking to prevent the problem worsening and to minimise future inconvenience and expense.

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CCTV Drain Survey

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How to detect blocked sewer lines

When a sewer system has been working away reliably and uncomplainingly for years in a home, it comes as something of an unwelcome surprise when water drains out of a sink, bath, shower basin or toilet bowl drain water too slowly – or not at all.

Some signs that thorough sewer cleaning or unblocking is necessary include water backing up out of a drain, or up the toilet plumbing and back into the bowl. Alternatively, a gurgling sound might come from the pipes, especially from washing machines and dishwashers during the drainage part of their wash and rinse cycles. In particular, if the piping or drains from bathroom sanitary ware make percolating noises, then sewer jetting and pipe inspection will probably be necessary.

In older buildings, one of the leading causes of sewer line problems and damage is invasion by tree roots. In contrast, the more frequent sources of sewer line blockages in newer houses include thick toilet paper, discarded paper towels and sanitary items. According to statistics published by water.org.uk, more than 350,000 sewer blockages occur throughout the United Kingdom. As many as eight in ten of all obstructions are due to fat, oil, grease, wipes, hygiene products and other objects.

Even at the best of times, blocked sewers tend to be unpleasant, so it is best to consult a professional who has the right equipment and expertise to resolve the problem.

When to call in the experts

If you are a homeowner or responsible for managing a building and have noticed unusual symptoms or smells from the drains, it is important to investigate and take prompt corrective action. A drains expert will be able to diagnose and resolve the problem with ease.

Prompt action is advisable to minimise health risks and expense in the case of main sewer pipe problems. Conversely, secondary sewer pipe blockages are usually more straightforward to resolve and may, therefore, require less work.

Why prompt action is so important

Leaving aside the sheer inconvenience of blocked drainage, a main sewer line clog can pose grave problems. Untreated sewage could come out of the sewer pipe and cause damage to the interior of the building. Unpleasant and unhygienic enough in itself, the resulting spoilt flooring is often costly to rectify. Dealing with such possibilities before urgent callouts become necessary is, therefore, by far the best course of action.

When sewer line video camera inspections are advisable

If a defect is suspected in the main sewer pipe or if the other warning signs are severe, a cost-effective sewer line video camera inspection using specialist equipment will confirm the diagnosis quickly. In some cases, tree roots may have penetrated into the sewer pipe. If so, removal of the roots and pressure jet cleaning will be necessary to return the drain to good working order. Subsequent timely repairs may also be necessary to stop any leaks.

If the pipes themselves are damaged or fractured, the aim is to minimise the general inconvenience and cost of repairs. In some cases, sewer pipelining might be an option instead of full replacements.

Why house buyers should consider a sewer video camera inspection

If you are in the process of purchasing a house, a CCTV sewer report can identify and explain any underlying problems with sewage tanks and piping that might subsequently prove expensive to repair.

Additionally, as defective drains are responsible for up to 40 percent of subsidence cases, a CCTV sewer inspection is also a shrewd precaution before making a significant investment and purchasing a property.

Here at First Response Drainage, we use Wincan, the ultimate in CCTV sewer chamber and pipe inspection reporting software so that you receive a comprehensive sewer survey and inspection report.

If your home, business or commercial building has a potential drain problem, a closed circuit television camera survey helps to locate and pinpoint it and the exact cause, swiftly. With our professional, comprehensive and reliable sewer cleaning service including CCTV surveys, customers can rely on the quick identification of problems, impartial advice with recommendations and the rapid resolution needed to return the system to good working order.

To obtain expert advice and assistance with sewer or other drains problems, click here – or call us today, before the problem worsens. We look forward to being of help.

CCTV Survey Process

Upon arrival, in most cases, our engineer will clean the drain using a high pressure water jet prior to carrying out the survey. This is so that the footage captured by the survey is as clear as possible. An average survey on a three bedroom house would take approximately three hours including the initial high pressure jetting. We also offer CCTV surveying on commercial property although more time would be required for this. Our fully trained engineers will be able to talk you through the process prior to their visit should you wish.