Why You Should Consider Getting a CCTV Drain Survey If You Are Buying a Home

When you are looking to buy a new house, you may get a surveyor to help you identify any problems with the property. However, this inspection will not uncover any potential drainage issues; for that, you will need a CCTV drain survey.

Why You Should Consider Getting a CCTV Drain Survey If You Are Buying a Home

The question of who is responsible for repairs always comes down to ownership. If you buy a home and then later discover any issues with your pipes and drains, they are now your problem and you will have to be the one(s) to pay for repairs. A drainage inspection will help you arrange any work that needs to be completed before you move in.

What Is a CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey is how we identify problems in your drainage system without having to dig up your entire garden. Our engineer will clean the drain using a high-pressure water jet before surveying so that the footage captured is as clear as possible. They will then feed a small camera down into your pipework and carry out a full inspection of your entire drainage system.

The Benefits of Getting a CCTV Drain Survey

Although it is not a legal requirement to get a CCTV drain survey, we highly recommend that you do to avoid any nasty surprises. By doing so, you could…

Save Money

Identifying a drainage problem early and nipping it in the bud means that you will save money that you would have otherwise had to spend on repairs. By preventing a small issue from turning into a leak or a burst pipe, a CCTV drain survey may allow you to forego more extensive and expensive repairs.

Prevent Serious Damage to Your Property

In some cases, drainage system issues can have colossal consequences. For example, defective drains are responsible for nearly 40% of subsidence cases every year.   

Have a Negotiation Tool

Coming to the current owner of the property with concrete evidence of a drainage issue may help you negotiate costs. They may either offer to pay for the repair work before it is signed over or lower the price of the property to accommodate the cost of the work needed.

What Sort of Problems Could a CCTV Drain Survey Uncover?

There are a range of drainage issues that this procedure could identify, any of which could lead to far more serious problems if left untreated. To name a few:

Tree Roots

It is possible that roots from trees surrounding your house could have either damaged or infiltrated your drainage system. Given that roots search for moisture, a small gap could be all they need to grow inside your drain and cause a potential blockage.

Rat Infestations 

It is very common for rats to enter your home via drains. Rats can climb up soil pipes and, due to their flexible vertebrae, even around the U-bend of a toilet. A CCTV drain survey will look out for rat droppings and any cracks or gaps that could act as entry points for vermin.

Out-of-Date Drainage Systems

The survey may also help identify drainage systems that are not in accordance with current regulations, which have become far more eco-conscious. Old drainage systems can often cause sewage to contaminate natural water sources. As any drainage system you inherit is your responsibility, it will be your responsibility to install a new one, not the responsibility of the person who installed it.

If you are looking to buy a new property, or even if you would like us to inspect your current property, contact First Response Drainage today on 0800 043 4680 to arrange your CCTV drain survey. Our team of specialist engineers are on-hand to make sure that your drains are in top condition.